12 Sustainability Principles

The Sustainable Dubuque Task Force identified 11 Principles as part of their community plan in 2008. In 2013, a 12th principle, Community Health & Safety, was added to the Sustainable Dubuque framework. These principles are part of our community values that citizens want to preserve and leave for future generations. These 12 Principles are organized according to our  part sustainability model.

 Economic Prosperity
 Social/Cultural Vibrancy
 Environmental Integrity

Regional Economy Green Buildings Healthy Air

Smart Energy Use
Healthy Local Food Clean Water 
Resource Management

Community Knowledge Native Plants & Animals
Community Design
Community Health & Safety Reasonable Mobility
 Reasonable Mobility

In 2012, the City partnered with the University of Iowa Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities to issue the Sustainable Dubuque Indicators report, a collection of performance indicators to help us track our progress in becoming a more sustainable community. Download the full report. (Please note that this is a large file and may take a minute to load on your computer.)

In 2014, the City joined the STAR Communities program to work with cities across the country to measure our performance against a common set of goals and objectives. View results from this project.