Swim Passes



Tentative 2020 Summer Opening Date for Flora and Sutton is May 23, 2020! See individual pool pages for hours.

Season swim passes are individual photo ID cards.  All passes must be purchased in office (not online).  If you are a returning pass holder- you will NOT have to get a new pass but will have to renew your previous pass. If you are a new customer and wish to purchase passes for the season, please be sure all family members who need a card are present at time of purchase for photos!  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Replacement card fee is $5.00. 

Click here for application information.

Household pass: $135 per household, and $162 for nonresident; plus $6 per person above six persons
       *Once a household pass is purchased, household members may come in separately to get a picture taken.
Youth pass:
$50, and $60 for nonresident
Adult pass: $85, and $102 nonresident
Low income passes are available to city residents; must present valid documents to obtain discount.
Replacement fee: $5 per card, once issued a new card, the old card is deactivated.

A household is defined as up to 6 members and/or dependents RESIDING within the same household and are regulated to the following:
1. A household must include at least 1 adult with a maximum of 2 adults.
2. A youth or "child" is defined as through age 17.
3. College aged dependents are considered as a household adult.
4. For any household over 6 persons, additional fees apply per additional person.
5. Foreign exchange students and foster care children are considered as members.
6. Sitters, caretakers and guardians are considered as a household "adult" regardless of age.

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