Water - Treatment and Distribution

About the Department

The Dubuque Water Department is dedicated to producing and delivering drinking water that is in compliance with all state and federal drinking water standards. We continually strive to adopt new and better methods of delivering the best quality drinking water to the citizens of Dubuque.

As regulations and drinking water standards change, we continually strive to adopt new and better methods of delivering the best quality drinking water. It is our commitment to incorporate these changes system-wide in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Water Plant

The Eagle Point Water Plant is supplied by five shallow and four deep wells. It serves an average water demand of eight million gallons daily. The treatment facility uses chlorination, fluoridation, filtration, and lime softening processes to comply with all federal and state primary drinking water standards.

Water Distribution

The distribution system is composed of 316 miles of water mains ranging in diameter from 4" up to 30"; 5,641 control valves; and 2,812 fire hydrants throughout the city. This activity is responsible for the machinery, equipment, materials and personnel required to repair main breaks; installing water mains, control valves and fire hydrants; maintaining the grounds of the division; and assisting other sections of the Water Department. It is our goal to operate and maintain a water distribution system consistent with established procedures recognized by the American Water Works Association for efficient management practices.
Roosevelt Street Water Tower Project 
The Roosevelt Street Water Tower Project began in October 2019 and will run through November 2020. We are very excited to have this new water tower installed and to have the opportunity to better serve the residents of Dubuque.
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