Bill Payments

Payments can be made as follows:

  • Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment option:  payments are automatically deducted from the customer's financial institution account on the utility bill due date. To sign up for ACH bill payment, fill out the ACH Authorization Form and submit.
  • Debit/credit card payments may be made over the phone, at City Hall or via our website. A convenience fee may apply.
  • E-check payments may be made on our website.
  • By Mail
  • At the utility billing counter inside City Hall
  • At drop boxes located inside City Hall and outside City Hall at the 13th St. entrance

Questions About Your Monthly Bill

If you have questions about your reading dates, monthly usage, or payment dates, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service at 563.589.4144 or

Payment Arrangements

Process for Late Payments

If you are unable to make your utility payment by the due date, a 5% penalty is added to your monthly bill. Customers who are delinquent receive an automated reminder call and a delinquent notice in the mail.

Accounts are subject to disconnect when the balance is over $25 and the account is more than 30 days past due. In the event of a disconnection a $50 disconnect fee is charged to the customer. The water will not be turned on until the entire account balance and disconnect fee is paid in full.

We encourage customers who are delinquent, to contact our office and make payment arrangements.

Utility Billing
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