Parks open for the season each year on the first Saturday in May and close on the fourth Sunday in October.


Park Locations Map (including the 15 Pesticide-Free Parks)

Park Summaries (address list of all parks including acreage and origin)


The City of Dubuque Park Division staff maintains:
  • 49 parks with 1209 acres
  • 25 park shelters
  • 19 tennis courts
  • 18 restrooms
  • 4 accessible fishing piers
  • 2 skate parks
  • 285 units of play equipment
  • Disc golf course
  • In-line hockey rink
  • 8 softball fields, 1 baseball field
  • 5200 street trees
  • 25 miles of off-road, paved trails
  • 28 miles of on-street routes
  • 1000 picnic tables
Our staff grows 80,000 annual flowers in our own greenhouse that are planted in the park system and on city property, and maintains the landscaping on Highway 20, the Port of Dubuque, gateways to the downtown area, and other locations within the City.
To view the FY2020 Park Division budget presentation to the city council click here.

Pets in Parks and on Trails:

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