Zoning District Regulations

The following links access .pdf files of zoning district regulations that control the use, placement, spacing and size of land and structures. 

  Unifed Development Code C-1 Neighborhood Commercial_Page_1.jpg
 Unifed Development Code C-1 Neighborhood Commercial_Page_2.jpg
Help buttonThis webpage is not intended to cover every aspect of the Zoning District Regulations, and should not be considered the final or definitive authority on any of the matters it addresses. It is only a general guide. Questions on specific projects should be addressed to the Planning Services Department via mail: 50 W. 13th Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001; phone: (563) 589-4210; fax: (563) 589-4221; e-mail: planning@cityofdubuque.org ; or the click here to access the Service Request feature of this webpage.