Artist: Tim Adams

City/State: Webster City, IA

About the Work and the Artist: Tim Adams is a 1985 Landscape Architecture graduate of Iowa State University and is a Registered Professional Landscape Architect. Tim owns Stony Creek Landscapes, Inc., Webster City, Iowa, a full- service landscape design/build firm. Tim is a lifelong student of the arts. His career has been built around creating and installing "One Off" sculptures and designs for gardens, entry features, parks, churches, municipalities, and schools. Tim's primary medium is weathered steel, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic sheet/Lexan, and native limestone.

This piece symbolizes our symbiotic relationship to nature. Coral Reefs are often referred to as the rain forests of the ocean because the habitats they create support a diversity of life. Coral reefs protect our coastlines from storms and erosion, provide food, jobs, and sources of new medicine.  At the same time, people threaten the coral reefs by pollution, sedimentation, unsustainable fishing, and climate change. Our interdependence on nature is one of the great challenges of our time. How do we live on this planet and still preserve and protect it so we can continue to survive?

Materials: Upcycled steel (old propane tank) painted with automotive grade paint

Dimensions: 5'W x 10'H x 4'D

Purchase Price: $3,500