Downstream at sunset

Artist: Brian Petrone

City/State: Evanston, IL

About the Work and the Artist: Trained as an architect, Brian Petrone has worked for architecture firms in both New York and Los Angeles. He has completed many residential, commercial, and institutional building projects, including art-specific spaces such as the Lux Art Institute in Encinitas, California. Brian now runs his own practice in Evanston, Illinois where he splits time between residential building design, sculpture, and painting. His artwork attempts to link these various disciplines.

Brian employs the processes that go into making a building – forming mass, sculpting space, manipulating light - to create art. His work deals with the intersection of architecture, painting, and sculpture. 

The site-specific art installation, Downstream, depicts the Mississippi River and its major tributaries. This sculpture consists of hundreds of bamboo posts, staked into the ground, creating a three-dimensional map of the watershed. 

The Mississippi River can be understood not only as a single waterway but as a series of interconnected streams and rivers that span a large part of North America. Much like the connectivity of people on this continent, the flow of water through a single tributary can have profound effects downstream.

Materials: Bamboo, rebar

Dimensions: 75'W x 4'H x 50'D

Purchase Price: $1,800