Pluma Sculptura, aka "The Feather"

Pluma Sculptura aka The Feather

Artist: Kirk Seese

City/State: Lutherville, MD

About the Work and the Artist: Kirk Seese is a lifetime visual artist, specializing in large scale murals and public sculpture. From facilitating local community murals using volunteers of all ages, to designing multi-million dollar indoor climbing gyms for franchisees, Kirk offers a wide range of expertise in design, fabrication, delivery and installation of winning artwork across the nation.

The Feather is my debut sculpture design from 2019, after spending four years designing themed climbing walls in the active family entertainment industry for a company called ClimbZone, and almost twenty years painting public and private murals for my own business, BB Murals. It is a direct response to the years of representational work I’ve been doing. I wanted to create something that was not based in reality, had no reference point and seemed to come from a different planet. Something unique. Something that came from inside. The process of creating the swirling color fields became a therapeutic exercise for me. The organic motions of the blended hues contained by the stark, black, geometric framework should be visually unnerving, but they’re not. Instead they compliment each other. Viewers say it reminds them of stained glass, and even ask me if the panels are transparent, which they are not. 

Materials: Painted steel, stainless steel, MDO, protective sealer

Dimensions: 22" W x 10' H x 22" D

Purchase Price: $7,500