Artist: Luke Achterberg

City/State: Onalaska, WI

About the Work and the Artist: The work explores relationships between fine art and the subcultures of Americana found in automotive customization, style writing (calligraphy and graffiti), comic books, snow/skateboarding, and street art--all of which display extremely high technical values developed outside of the academic sphere. I identify with these values and am diligent in combining them with my academic training. I continually play with balance, both physical and aesthetic, creating a visual smoothness or sleekness, what I call "Super Sleek".

Flow and connections are a constant source of inspiration for my sculpture. I feel like this ties directly to the theme. Without genuine connections, we can't progress as a human species. The sculpture has elements of flow that are visually obvious, the swirling bars connect larger volumetric forms. My thought is that these forms create ideas that become connected. And it is through connecting positive ideas that we create a society that flourishes and is beautiful. My sculpture seeks to build up the human ideal through beauty.

Materials: Stainless steel painted with acrylic automotive paint

Dimensions: 3’ W x 7’ H x 2’ D

Purchase Price: $12,000