Technology Policy

Technology and Equipment – Policy and Procedure


The purpose of this policy is to provide parameters for using technology and equipment for the AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Program members. The following guidance is for those unique situations in which an AmeriCorps Member is issued a piece of technology. The use of Program-issued technology is appropriate only when the AmeriCorps Member is in need of Program-issued technology to complete their duties.


AmeriCorps Members will only be issued technology when their service requires program-issued technology and is an only option. The Technology/Equipment is to be used for Program-Specific needs. Personal use of technology and equipment is strictly prohibited. AmeriCorps Members using Program-issued technology and equipment must adhere to the City of Dubuque’s Administrative policies associated policies: AP 2.07; AP 2.19; AP 2.20. These Administrative policies will be attached to the end of this agreement.

AP 2.07:
AP 2.19:
AP 2.20:

I.  Teleservice and Technology

Members should meet the following conditions to be eligible to enter into a technology agreement:

  1. Have been an APIL member for at least 1 month OR Teleservice is a condition of service.
  2. The member has proven to the sponsor/supervisor to be a reliable team member (punctual, motivated, professional, thorough, etc.)
  3. The member understands that Program-issued technology is to not leave the grounds of their service site unless given explicit and direct permission from the AmeriCorps Director.
  4. The member understands that they are strictly prohibited from bringing technology to their homes unless given explicit and direct permission from the AmeriCorps Director.

Procedures for Technology Usage


Due to the nature that the AmeriCorps Program is grant funded, access to individual technology is rare. AmeriCorps Members are expected to use technology at their service site, community-available technology, or- if unwilling to use technology at their service site or community available technology- they may use their own technology. Technology and equipment requests for personal use, unless needed for an accommodation, will be denied. Technology will only be offered to an AmeriCorps Member for the explicit use to accomplish specific tasks.

In addition to the prerequisites above, the member’s Member Service Agreement (MSA) and Position Description (PD) must lend itself to the need for technology to accomplish specific tasks.

A member will not receive technology and equipment unless the member gets the written approval of the program director.

Program Director

  1. Review and determine appropriateness of need for technology.
  2. Complete and issue agreement for signatures.
  1. File the original agreement in the member’s personnel file.
  2. Retain copies of all technology agreements in compliance with CNCS document retention policy.

Policy/Procedure Violations

Violations of this policy are grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including member being exited for cause. 

Technology and equipment issued to the AmeriCorps Member is to be returned promptly to the AmeriCorps Director upon request and/or upon the time that the AmeriCorps Member leaves their AmeriCorps Contract (successfully, for cause, or for compelling personal circumstance). AmeriCorps members will be held liable if technology and equipment is not returned, or is returned in a state of disrepair that is beyond normal wear & tear (ie: cracked screens, missing equipment, technology cannot be re-used by another members).

Member Technology Agreement

This Agreement is effective for MEMBER (hereinafter “the member”) ,  and AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Program (hereinafter “the program”).  The parties agree as follows:

Scope and Duration of Agreement

  1. This Agreement shall become effective from unless modified or rescinded by the host site and/or program.

  1. The member agrees to perform his/her assigned duties and service activities for the host site. The member agrees that the technology agreement may be terminated at the discretion of the program. 

Service Performance

  1. The member is responsible for maintaining availability, appropriate levels of production, and quality of service while using program-issued technology.  Inadequate availability, service production and/or service quality, or personal use of technology may be cause for modification or termination of the member’s technology agreement. 

Responsibilities of Members

  1. Inform Program Director of issues or concerns with program-issued technology immediately.

  1. Care and concern is to be taken when utilizing program-issued technology

  1. Meet organizational requirements regarding communication and accessibility.

Miscellaneous Conditions

  1. The member remains obligated to comply with all department rules, policies, practices, instructions, technology guidelines and this Agreement, and understands that violation of such may result in preclusion from the use of technology and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination of service.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS