End of Service Exit Requirements

All AmeriCorps contracts have a beginning date (Enrollment) and an ending date (Exiting).

AmeriCorps members may be exited from the program in several ways:
1. Successful completion of the AmeriCorps contracted hours and requirements
2. For Compelling Personal Circumstance - see below
3. For Cause - see below.

To complete the exiting process, you need to complete the following:

  1. End of Term Evaluation – this has been sent to you via Adobe Sign & Save. You will need to complete all questions and sign the document. The software should walk you through all the required areas prior to being able to submit.
  2. ALL OnCorps Reports Timesheets - All timesheets must be submitted prior to your exit.
  3. My.AmeriCorps.Gov Exit Form – found on the initial page when you first login.
  4. My.AmeriCorps.Gov Exit Survey – found on the initial page when you first login.


  • PER THE LATE PAPERWORK POLICY OF APIL: If the AmeriCorps Member does not turn in their End of Term Evaluation within 30 days of their final date of service, the program will exit the member ‘for cause’ and the education award will be forfeited; regardless of the contracted hours are met or criteria for compelling personal circumstance.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

End of Term Evaluations

Location of the Exit Form and Member Exit Survey on My.AmeriCorps.Gov

An image showing how to find the exit form and survey on My.AmeriCorps.Gov

Understanding Compelling Personal Circumstance Exits:

  • Program may release member from the term of service for Compelling Personal Circumstances (CPC) if the member has completed at least 15% of their required hours and demonstrates circumstances beyond the member’s control that prevent the individual from completing his/her term of service.  In case of CPC, Member will be asked for additional information (such as doctor’s note, military orders, etc.)  to document the situation for compliance purposes.  This information will be treated confidentially.  Compelling Personal Circumstances include:
    • Member has a disability or serious illness that makes completing the term impossible.
    •  There is a serious injury, illness, or death of a family member which makes completing the term unreasonably difficult or impossible for member.
    •   Member has military service obligations.
    •  Member has accepted an opportunity to make the transition from welfare to work. Member must have been on welfare prior to enrolling in AmeriCorps.
    • Some other unforeseeable circumstance beyond the member’s control makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for the member to complete the term of service, such as a natural disaster, a strike, relocation of a spouse, or the non-renewal or premature closing of a project or the Program.
  •  Compelling personal circumstances do not include leaving the Program:
    • To enroll in school
    • To obtain employment, other than moving from welfare to work
    • Because of dissatisfaction with the Program
Please view the AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Program's CPC Exit Policy here: https://www.cityofdubuque.org/2886/Compelling-Personal-Circumstance-Policy

Understanding For Cause Exits:

  • The Program will release the member for cause for the following reasons:
    • Member has dropped out of the program without obtaining a release for compelling personal circumstances from the appropriate program official.
    • During the term of service member has been convicted of a violent felony or the sale or distribution of a controlled substance.
    • Member has committed another serious breach that, in the judgment of the program director, would undermine the effectiveness of the Program.