Cloud Harness

Cloud Harness

Artist: Matt Kargol

City/state: Oskaloosa, IA

The artist says: “The River is a manifestation of a journey, one that began long ago and continues today. . .  Cloud Harness is a sculpture that developed out of quiet moments when I would lay on the grass and watch clouds move overhead.  I always wondered where they were coming from and where they were going.  Their weightless quality always enchanted my mind, and took me to places only I could see in my mind’s eye.” This sculpture references the cycle of water from the clouds to the river. Born in 1975 in Oskaloosa, Iowa the artist received his BA and MA from the University of Northern Iowa, and his MFA from Clemson University. Today Kargol, teaches art at Oskaloosa Senior High and is a co-founder of the Oskaloosa Art Center and Studios, along with the Oskaloosa Sculpture Annex.  He also serves as the Vice-President of Fine Arts and Cultural Events of Mahaska County.

Material: Steel and Steel Cable

Dimensions: 5' W x 10' H x 3'D - 1,000 lbs

Purchase Price: $7,500