Artist: Jeremy Colbert

City/state: Lexington, KY

Ta‘lowa means new beginnings or renewal. This totem sculpture presents some abstract forms that resemble a house that changes  into an owl on one side and a gator head on the other. Both are symbols of wisdom, power and survival. Rising above these images is a moon like form that is a symbol of cycles and position in both time and in life. Shinning above all is the phoenix form igniting the sun with the swipe of his wing. This is the symbol for a new beginning and renewal.  The work is a fabricated steel, cast iron, and found object with patina, and paint color finish. The work has a new clear coat on it to protect it and seal the color.  Jeremy Colbert is a Lecturer of Art in Sculpture, Ceramics, and Foundations at The University of Kentucky. 

Material: Stainless Fabricated Steel, Cast Iron, and Found Object 

Dimensions: 4' W x 18' W x 4' D - 600 lbs

Purchase Price: $6,500