Point of Reference

Point of Reference

Artist: Timothy Jorgensen

City/state: Windsor, WI

This piece is one of a series of three large plumb bobs; plumb bobs are usually used to mark a reference point on a map. Either alone or together, they function to triangulate a region as a reference point for individual perceptions. The broken cartography that adorns the surface of the plumb bob eludes to the idea of the disjointed interpretations of one another's perspective. Although the work appears precarious, it is in fact structurally sound. The artist is from Cedar Falls, obtained his MFA at UNI and is currently pursuing his MFA in sculpture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Material: Stainless Steel and Copper Sheets

Dimensions: 2' W x 8' W x 2' D - 150 lbs

Purchase Price: $6,250