2018 Bunker Hill Couples Schedule

Some Highlights About Couples Golf:

  • It’s a fun and casual event
  • We are planning a 4:00 shotgun on scheduled dates
  • We will plan on those who have sign up will attend unless we hear from you
  • The golf shop will assign the pairings in order to have a chance and meet all participants
  • There will be a $5 weekly event fee per couple
  • Win gift certificates to Bunker Hill weekly and on season ending fun night
  • There is a onetime $25 league fee per couple
Sunday May 6th Couples Kickoff 4:00 pm 4 - person scramble
Sunday May 20th 2 Person Scramble
Sunday June 3rd Texas Scramble
Sunday June 10th 2 Person Mixed Scramble
Sunday July 1st 4 Person Scramble
Sunday July 15th 4 Person Scramble
Sunday August 12th 2 Person Mixed Scramble
Sunday August 26rd 4 Person Scramble (4 club rule)
Sunday September 26th 2 Person Texas Scramble
Sunday September 30th Final Fun Night
Please call us or let us know of any new couples wishing to play.  The more players the more fun for all!!
As in years in the past if you are a seasonal pass holder there will be no weekly green fee.