Francophile/Francophone Cities Network

Francophile: markedly friendly to France or French culture
Francophone: of, having, or belonging to a population using French as its first or sometimes second language

North American Francophone and Francophile Cities Network

In 2015, the mayors of Quebec, Quebec; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Moncton, New Brunswick -- all prominent French-speaking cities in North America -- proposed that a continent-wide network of francophone and francophile municipalities and communities be founded to celebrate their cities' shared history, heritage, and expertise.

The primary mission of this proposed network of cities linked historically, culturally, and linguistically to the French reality in North America would be to further knowledge about these communities -- among themselves and around the world -- and to promote their many attractions.

Objectives of the Network

The francophone and francophiles in America cities network has four main objectives.

  1. Highlight the richness and vitality of francophone heritage
    Whether it's places of memory or houses having seen explorers, gold seekers, missionaries or other precursors of our time, or museums today chronicling the stories of yesterday, the cities in the network are working together to preserve and enhance their francophone heritage.
  2. Enhance the cultural francophone and francophile
    By creating this network, the mayors Régis Labeaume (Quebec), Joey Durel (Lafayette) and George LeBlanc (Moncton) wish to first of all give impetus and support political initiatives and achievements of francophone communities of America, encouraging their peers to do the same.

    Quebec City welcomes its territory the Center of la francophonie in the Americas, whose mission is to promote exchanges, partnership and development of French-language networks. The Center supports structuring projects related to social issues and disseminates information related to the francophonie. The creation of the network fits in line with this mission: member cities can also benefit from the services of this center of expertise.

  3. Develop economic and strategic alliances
    Millions of French speakers, citizens of towns and cities in America, deserve that municipal officials are working to provide the best possible environment for their development. The best way to achieve this is to support the economic development of these communities.
  4. Promote the attractions of cities members internationally 
    One of the first initiatives of the francophone and francophiles in America cities network will be set up for the tours linking the member cities. These circuits will allow tourists to plan a travel experience to discover French America.

    Whether for tourists North Americans looking for destinations offering services in French, or for European tourists who wish to live a francophone experience in America, through Acadie or Louisiana, downhill or in stopping Mississippi see the must-see attractions of metropolises or festivals, each destination will have its share of discoveries to offer.
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