Arts and Business 2017


The City of Dubuque Department of Economic Development and the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs hosted its 2nd Annual Arts and Business Luncheon. We are proud to have facilitated this event in conjunction with our sponsors the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, the Bell Tower Theater and Travel Dubuque  and our growing list of  community partners in the arts non-profit, business and creative field.

This Year’s Topic was: 

From Philanthropy to Investment: Aligning Arts & Business Strategies to Support Economic Vitality and Growth.

Welcoming Address: Mayor Roy Buol

Local Speaker: Jake Schnieder, President and CEO of Cartegraph

Keynote PresentersArts and Business Council of Chicago, Executive Director - Kristin Larsen

                                  Elkay Manufacturing, Corporate Communications/Community Relations/PR & Marketing Manager - Linda Carlisle

This dynamic combo will discussed how their collaboration enhanced Elkay’s core competencies, employee engagement and retention, and company brand value among employees and the community. Ms. Larsen leads the Arts and Business Council of Chicago, established in 1985. Her organization has found the secret to effectively communicating to both arts organizations and businesses for mutual benefit. This Council has been able to leverage the strengths of both sectors to achieve stunning results. Linda Carlisle of Elkay Manufacturing, headquartered in Chicago and operated in Savanna IL, has led the implementation of the Arts and Business Council partnership for Elkay.

These leaders understand the pressures of attracting and retaining workforce, particularly millennials and generation Z young professionals.  We were lucky have them here in Dubuque to share their successful methods of aligning arts and business strategies to support overall economic vitality and growth. 

If you missed out on the luncheon this year or would like to review the material discussed, video  of the event is available here.