Workplace Stability

Workplace Stability Workshops

Learn how to achieve workplace stability for entry-level employee retention and performance. These trainings are offered throughout the year; updated dates will be provided soon! 

At these workshops, you'll learn to:
  • Recognize the range of factors that create instability for employees
  • See how instability, employee performance, and profitability are related
  • Identify the most effective techniques and tactics for increasing workplace stability
  • Create an action plan best suited to your business and its culture and employees
Low-wage workers often experience personal instability that leads to absenteeism, health problems, and violations of workplace expectations. These consequences of instability lower workplace morale, decrease employees’ attention to work and job performance, and result in increased costs for businesses. We are coordinating a new Workforce Stability initiative to support local businesses in addressing these issues. 

Workplace Stability supports local businesses that employ low-wage and/or employees experiencing personal instability, by helping them to better understand the obstacles their lower-wage employees face, and by assisting these businesses in developing strategies to foster retention, growth, and productivity. It will also provide support to employees who are struggling with daily instability in their personal lives by offering a personal development course. This course assists participants developing goals that will lead them toward stability, while also connecting them to the resources they need to achieve those goals.
Ermina Soler is managing the initiative, which she says supports efforts to strengthen Dubuque’s workforce, “employee instability creates business instability. This affects the business’ bottom line. Workplace Stability offers tools and solutions that business leaders can implement to help their employees boost their performance and retention.”

For more information contact Ermina Soler: or 563.589.6909.