Area-Wide Planning Grant

The Brownfields area-wide planning (AWP) grant provides funding to conduct activities that will enable the development of an area-wide plan (including plan implementation strategies) for assessing, cleaning up and reusing catalyst/high priority brownfield sites. In 2015, the City of Dubuque was awarded $200,000 through an AWP grant to address priority brownfields sites.

Dubuque seeks to utilize Area-Wide Planning resources to redevelop the 33-acre South Port into a new mixed-use neighborhood as a compliment to the extensive efforts put forth to revitalize the North Port into a new downtown community. The three catalyst, high priority sites are:
  • 3.5-acre City-owned parcel on the waterfront north of Dodge Street
  • 1.7-acre Newt Marine Service property located at 85 Terminal Street and 100 E. 1st Street
  • 1.2-acre former Molo Oil Company property located at 45 Jones Street

Recent Activity

Highlighted below are some of the tasks, outputs, and milestones related to AWP grant activity:
  • Contracted with consultant Shive Hattery and cooperating with HR Green (the Assessment grant consultant) to discuss assessment results, cleanup planning, and eligibility for the South Port properties
  • Formed and met with a steering committee of Shive Hattery team members, Terraon and Conlon members, City staff, and property owners
  • Consultant collected background information including preliminary case study information, pedestrian flow, Phase I/II information from HR Green, historical building information, and condition of and potential to modify existing floodwall
  • Consultant collected background information for a target industries analysis including a Retail Strategies analysis commissioned by Greater Dubuque Development Corporation

Projected Activity

The City expects to accomplish the following plan activities in the upcoming Federal Fiscal Quarter:
  • Produce pedestrian flow and utility maps
  • Add properties to ACRES
  • Potential wetland and native landscape research
  • Preliminary case study results


The following amounts of federal funds have been allocated towards these categories for the AWP project:

Area Wide Planning Budget

Budget Categories Total Federal Funds
Cooperative Agreement & Project Management $30,000
Charrette & Community Outreach $45,000
Market Analysis & Infrastructure Needs Assessment $45,000
Area-Wide Plan & Implementation Strategy $80,000
Total $200,000