Compensation for Service

AmeriCorps Members receive a living allowance and an education award in return for their service to the community.


Living Allowance

A living allowance is very similar to a pay check.  Your living allowance is based off the number of hours you serve with AmeriCorps.

AmeriCorps then takes your living allowance and breaks it down into equal payments across your term.  You receive your living allowance every two weeks (like a pay check) and it gets directly deposited into your bank account.

Education Award

An education award is very similar to a scholarship.  Your education award is based off the number of hours you serve with AmeriCorps.

You have access to your education award once you complete all your hours and all the service term requirements.  Your education award must be used for college loans, classes, books, room and board, ect. You have 7 years to use the education award.  

AmeriCorps members who are 55+ years of age can transfer the award to a child or grandchild.  You must transfer the award within 7 years.  The recipient of a transferred award must use the award within 10 years from the date the transferor (the person who earned the award) completed the term of service. 

Look how AmeriCorps members used their Education Award
M Esser
Matt Esser

University of Northern Iowa

"The AmeriCorps education award played a tremendous role in why I chose to serve.  I'm using the education award to pay off a good portion of my Federal student loan.  After serving with AmeriCorps and using my education award, my student loan is much more manageable and less stressful."
Nicole Timmer

Northeast Iowa Community College

"I've used my AmeriCorps education award to help pay for my books and tuition.  It's really important to me to not be in debt.  I'm so lucky to have AmeriCorps help pay for school and provide me with meaningful work experiences."
N Timmer
K Neal
Khalea Neal

University of Dubuque

"The AmeriCorps education award is a wonderful asset.  It allowed me to take a January Term class trip to Columbus, Ohio.  I would have never been able to afford it without the education award.  I'm also using the education award to pay for my summer classes and books.  I'm really grateful for this award and experience!"