Recycling Cart Program

Blue Recycling Cart

On March 12, 2015, the City Council approved the City to purchasing 95 gallon wheeled recycling carts for its "super recyclers". The carts replace the many 18 gallon bins currently used by those customers, with the intent of not only making their efforts more convenient and productive, but also reducing the manual lifting and associated likelihood of injury for City collection workers. 

This program is being offered as an option to our super recylers at no additional cost. 

How do we identify super recyclers?
Through annual serveys of the setouts of City customers, workers identfy customers who set out three or more bins per week for curbside collection. Each identified customer receives a mailing explaining the program as an option available to them at no additional cost. 
Customers who choose to participate in the program will receive a FREE blue 95-gallon wheeled cart and information on what can and cannot be recycled on their normal scheduled pick up day.