Temporary No Parking or Temporary Reserved Parking Signs

Temporary No Parking or temporary Reserved Parking signs can be obtained from the City Engineering Department. 

Temporary No Parking or temporary Reserved Parking signs can be used for a variety of reasons such as: Special Events that require adequate space for event attendees, construction projects, or to aid in relocation.

These temporary signs must be authorized by the City Engineer and have a maximum duration of one week. 
Signs will be installed by the requestor 24 hours in advance, or as close to 24 hours in advance as possible, of the effective date and time and will be removed by the requestor at the end of the effective date and time.  In emergency situations, notice is not always possible.
The requestor is responsible for obtaining appropriate support material for these signs. Typical support material used is wood lathe with signs affixed with staples.

Recommended spacing is one sign per 100 feet of curb, or as directed by the City Engineer.

Cost is $1 per sign.
To request temporary No Parking signs or temporary Reserved Parking signs, contact City Engineering 563.589.4270 or email engineer@cityofdubuque.org.

Requests for temporary No Parking or temporary Reserved Parking signs need to be made to the City Engineering Department 48 hours prior to pick up date. 

Completed signs can be picked up at City Hall, Engineering Office.