Who Participates in AmeriCorps?

Angela 2
Newcomers to Dubuque


"I knew I wanted to be more connected to my community and AmeriCorps allowed me to be more fully involved than standard volunteer opportunities.  By spending an entire school year working with the same students three days a week, I experienced the impact of my service in a way no other service opportunity could allow."
Family Orientated Professionals


"I joined AmeriCorps because I wanted to use my education as a certified teacher to help children develop reading skills.  I also wanted to gain more experience working in the Dubuque Community School District.  When I was in 1st grade, I struggled with reading and now I enjoy the opportunity to encourage and provide tools for young readers.

One of the best things about AmeriCorps are the hours because they work with my family schedule.  I also enjoy getting to know the students and seeing their progress!"

Skilled Professionals


"I joined AmeriCorps because the position matches my education, skills and background.  It is an opportunity to share my gift with the community and do my part to help fulfill some of the promises of "Every Child, Every Promise."  I returned for my second year with AmeriCorps because I'm hooked.  I love kids and I really believe in the Dubuque Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.  It may sound cliché but serving in AmeriCorps is challenging and rewarding.  The experience expands my comfort zone and builds my confidence while I support classroom teachers and make a positive difference in the lives of children.  It is truly a win-win!"

College Students

"I participate in AmeriCorps because I get the amazing opportunity to build relationships with students and teachers and give extra attention to students who really need it!  Just the little smile form a student gives the biggest reward!"
Academic Tutor


"I really like the interaction with the young students.  I enjoy supporting and hopefully enhancing their efforts at learning to read."