AmeriCorps Alumni:  Where are they now?


Sarah, Social Work Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

"AmeriCorps helped me tremendously in preparing for graduate school.  My service has allowed me to work with different populations within my own community and has taught me many transferable skills that stood out in my application to graduate school.  My service has made me more confident in my ability to serve my future clients as a Social Worker." 
Shelli, Site Supervisor at the Multicultural Family Center

"As an AmeriCorps member, I served at the Multicultural Family Center (MFC) as the Family Program Liaison.  This position allowed me to connect with the community, network with other non-profits and create relationships with the families the MFC serves.  When a Site Supervisor position became available at the MFC, I applied for it and got it!  My experience as an AmeriCorps member definitely helped me prepare for my current position as a Site Supervisor.

I am currently attending NICC and I am able to pay for my tuition through the education award I earned from AmeriCorps.  Serving with AmeriCorps is an excellent way to earn money for college and gain relevant work experience."
Sarah Homan
Lindsey Teaching
Lindsey, 2nd Grade Teacher at Audubon Elementary School

"My placement with AmeriCorps at Fulton Elementary totally changed my life.  When I first started with AmeriCorps, I was a Secondary Education and English major at Clarke University.  I had no idea how much the staff and students at Fulton would influence me.  It wasn't long after I started with AmeriCorps that I knew I wanted to teach elementary students.

My experiences with AmeriCorps and Fulton have truly shaped who I am as a teacher today.  The staff at Fulton taught me a lot about behavior management within the classroom and mutual respect between students and staff.  Today, my classroom is student-centered, warm, accepting and inviting.  I believe all of my students are comfortable and feel safe and calm in my classroom.  All of this, I give credit to my time spent with AmeriCorps and Fulton."
Chad, Dubuque Police Department 
"My time with AmeriCorps really opened my eyes to the entire Dubuque Community.  By working with the Four Mounds Adventure Day Camp through AmeriCorps, I was able to work with underprivileged youth and make a different in their lives. 

My time with AmeriCorps influenced my decision to become a police officer greatly because as a police officer I want to work with the entire Dubuque community and make a different in people's lives.  I have a lifelong goal to make a positive impact in the Dubuque community and this goal started with AmeriCorps."