Neighbor 2 Neighbor Pilot

What is it?

Currently in the development stage, Neighbor 2 Neighbor (N2N) is expected to be a resident-driven City-supported program, aimed at promoting interaction, collaboration and strong relationships amongst neighbors in an effort to make our neighborhoods healthier, safer and friendlier. This block-specific program can be associated and/or supported by the representing Neighborhood Association, or organized independently.

Each N2N program will focus on a specific block, coordinated by a resident of that block. This coordinator may be called “Block Champion” or “Block Communicator” or “Block Coordinator”. This individual will collaborate with other residents within the block to identify areas of focus to make their block a much better place to live for all. Each participating block/segment of a neighborhood may be unique, as area needs and expectations are different from block to block.

N2N hopes to be a social movement and a toolkit that empowers people to get to know their neighbors and build better relationships and safer communities.

How did it start?
Dubuque residents proposed the idea to develop a program that strengthens and fosters relationships among neighbors for many years.  A national program, like Neighborhood Watch, was previously implemented but was not the most ideal and feasible program for our community.

It has been found that simply getting to know neighbors significantly contributes to increased safety and quality of life in a neighborhood. So, staff in the Human Rights, Neighborhood Development, Economic Development and Police Departments collaborated to generate the concept of the N2N program.  As this is aimed to be a resident-led program, meetings were held with community members to discuss the concept of N2N, name of the program, and ideas for implementation.

What is happening now?
Seven residents are currently participating in the pilot program to coordinate N2N in their blocks. They will be reaching out to their neighbors to discuss and plan activities relevant and meaningful to them. The pilot program is expected to run for twelve months.

What’s next?
As the program is still under development, more information will be added as it becomes available. In the meantime, please contact one of the individuals below for additional information or if you want to coordinate N2N in your block.

Who to contact?
Jerelyn O’Connor
Neighborhood Development Specialist
City Manager’s Office

Lt. Scott Baxter
Crime Prevention/Public Relations
Dubuque Police Department