Performance Measures

City Manager's Office Performance Measures

Objective: Maintain a competitive tax rate that minimizes the tax burden of citizens
Dubuque has the LOWEST taxes per capita in the state. The highest ranked city (West Des Moines) is 111% higher than Dubuque’s taxes per capita, and the average is 54% higher than Dubuque.

Did you know?
The tax rate in 1987 was $14.58 per thousand compared to today’s rate of $11.02 per thousand. The FY1987 rate was 32% higher than the FY2014 rate.

Since 1995, the average homeowner has had an average annual increase of just $34.74 for City services, including property taxes, sanitary sewer, water, refuse, and stormwater fees.

Objective: Maintain the amount of intergovernmental revenue to 23% in FY2015
To minimize financial risk, provide fiscal diversity and hold in check the property tax burden, the City aggressively pursues federal, state and private funding to assist in financing its operating and capital budgets.

In the past three years, the City has received over $133 million in federal and state grants to help fund projects and City staff continues to pursue funding and partnership opportunities to help keep taxes and fees down. In addition, the City received $98.5 million in financial assistance from the State of Iowa for the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project and the State of Iowa has assumed the remaining cost for construction of the SW arterial estimate at $120 million.

Objective: Maintain an efficient citizen response rate
Just as actively engaged employees are more productive and committed to the success of their organizations, highly attached residents are more likely to actively contribute to a community’s growth. There is also a positive correlation between community attachment and local economic success.

Objective: Support Inclusive Dubuque and other initiatives that enrich our community making Dubuque a desirable place to live, work and play.
The City of Dubuque is committed to serving our citizens, and potential citizens, by creating an atmosphere to ensure that Dubuque remains a community where everyone has a balance of means, opportunity and avenues of support to prosper.

Did you know?
That today there are over 59,000 people working in Dubuque County as compared to 37,608 in 1983 and a recent finding from The Equality of Opportunity Project show that children born into poverty and raised in the greater Dubuque area have the greatest chance of being in the highest income quintile before reaching age 30.

Dubuque was recognized in 2013 as One of Ten Great Places to Live by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and received second-place honors in the City Cultural Diversity Awards by the National League of Cities.