Housing Boards and Commissions

City Boards/Commissions
The Boards and Commissions that serve our Department play an important role in the governance of our programs. Board and Commission members are community volunteers whose contributions help maintain and improve the quality of life for Dubuque residents. There are a limited number of seats for membership on each Board/Commission, and individuals interested in becoming a member can click here for more information.

Housing Commission: Carries out analyses of housing needs and meeting such needs and making results of such studies available to the public; recommend proposed projects in area of low- and moderate-income housing, monitor the City's housing programs.

Community Development Advisory Commission: Identifies community development needs, particularly the needs of persons of low and moderate income through monitoring and evaluating program activities funded by the Community Development Block Grant.

Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee: Collect and disburse revenue to meet the housing needs of low and moderate income households. Has legal authority to make applications and to direct how awarded funds are used in accordance with the IFA Trust Fund Allocation Plan.

Housing Code Appeals Board: Conducts Hearings for individuals aggrieved by a notice and order issued for a Housing Code violation.

Other Advisory Groups
The following bodies serve as advisory boards for specific programs within our department. Individuals interested in joining one of these bodies should contact the staff listed within the descriptions below.

Resident Advisory Board: Provides the City and the Assisted Housing Participants with a forum to provide input about the policies and procedures for the Assisted Housing Program. Contact Maddy for more information.

Guiding Coalition: The hands-on, action-oriented group of community members from low, middle, and upper income levels that focuses on practical, tangible tasks to advance the mission and vision of the Circles Initiative. Contact Circles for more information.