Bee Branch Bike - Pedestrian Railroad Overpass

The bike/pedestrian bridge over the CP Railroad will provide an off-street trail between the 26- mile Dubuque County Heritage Trail and the Mississippi River that does not exist at this time. The Dubuque County Heritage Trail links Dubuque to Dyersville. The project will be part of the City's 18-mile network of on-street routes and off-road trails connecting the north end of the city with the riverfront, the downtown area, City parks, and the Mines of Spain State Recreational Area on the south end of Dubuque. The Bee Branch Creek Trail-- MRT Route will join with miles of other trails that line Dubuque neighborhoods, skirt the Mississippi River, and wind through steep hills all within the city limits. The trail project will enhance connections to the pedestrian grid via vehicular and pedestrian bridges- links to public spaces, like Comiskey Park, and the Great River Road. The Bee Branch Creek Trail -- MRT Route will extend the North End Neighborhood Trail, an off-road trail from 24th Street to 32nd Street in a former railroad right-of-way along Elm Street. The project will be built on a currently vacant and level site that will be accessible from sidewalks and bike/hike trails that will link to neighborhood streets.
For additional information on these proposed projects, or to provide feedback, please contact Assistant City Engineer Bob Schiesl at 563-589-4270 or email.