Smarter Health & Wellness

Smarter Health and Wellness The Smarter Health and Wellness Pilot Study explored how a combination of new technology and community engagement assists study participants in achieving health and wellness goals.  This pilot study was a partnership between IBM Research, the City of Dubuque and the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

The technology utilized in this pilot consisted of two smart phone applications. One app provided “micro-sensing” technology sensing activity and movement and the second app provided data collection on activities, goals and comparative “how am I doing” feedback. The results of this research will be used to advance the health and wellness portion of Smarter Sustainable Dubuque through the incorporation of additional measurements and tools for health improvement. 

This project was completed in Summer 2013.

For additional details on this study, CLICK HERE to view the Smarter Health & Wellness Pilot Study Final Report presentation.

Sample Screen Shots from Smarter Health & Wellness App   
Sample screen shot  Sample screen shot  Sample screen shot 

Smarter Sustainable Dubuque is part of the Sustainable Dubuque initiative to make our community more sustainable through a three-part approach addressing economic prosperity, environmental and ecological integrity, and social and cultural vibrancy.
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