Pyatigorsk, Russia

Pyatigorsk (also spelled Piatigorsk, the name means “five mountains city”) is the oldest balneological and mud resort of Russia and the largest (in number of the resident population) city, as well as industrial, commercial, scientific, cultural and tourist center of eco-resort region Caucasian Mineral Waters (Kavkazskiye Mineralniye Vody) and has a population of about 142,000 (2011).

Pyatigorsk is located 196 km south-east of Stavropol,
24 km south of Mineral Waters (Mineralniye Vody), at an altitude of about 525 m above sea level. Pyatigorsk is situated close to the Caucasus, on Stavropolskaya hill, mostly on the left bank of the river Podkumok.

To learn more about Pyatigorsk City, Russia, please click on the link below: 
Pyatigorsk website
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