Smarter Water Pilot Study Results

Smarter Water Dubuque’s Smarter Water Pilot Study was a Smarter Sustainable Dubuque project conducted in conjunction with the City’s community-wide water meter replacement project. Dubuque is enhancing its infrastructure with technology to help residents make more informed decisions about how they use water and the associated costs to their bank accounts and the environment. More than 300 Dubuque households participated in this 12-month pilot study. While every household in Dubuque received a new water meter in 2010 or 2011, only homehouseholds in a targeted pilot area were eligible for the Smarter Water Project. This area was selected because it met the needs of the equipment being used for the radio reads; contains a high percentage of single-family, owner-occupied homes; and a variety of housing stock, in terms of age and size.

IBM technology interfaced with the City’s system to process water consumption data and provide near real-time visibility into the overall city water consumption. IBM Research built new service systems integration, data management, and analytic technologies that created new insights for consumers which will translate into better water utilization and energy savings.

Pilot study participants had access to new technology that provided data and insights into how water can be utilized more efficiently in their home. The data will also help the City make better decisions about water production and distribution, ultimately lowering costs. Participating households were given priority access to free water audits, matching grants to fix water leaks, and participation in future projects for electricity, gas and solid waste management.

View IBM Research's Final Report on the Pilot Study
Any email addresses provided to us by IBM will only be used by the City for communicating with participants about this study, and will not be shared with anyone else. Smarter Sustainable Dubuque