City of Dubuque GIS Office (Maps, maps, maps)

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The Geographic Information System (GIS) Office makes maps and manages geographic information for the City of Dubuque.  Anything that has a place is something we can map - hydrants, rental licenses, buildings, and more!  The GIS Coordinator/Analyst is also responsible for the supervision, development, use, and maintenance of the City’s Geographic Information System, and coordinates the aforementioned duties with other City departments, partners to City projects, other government groups and private sector businesses.

Bunker Hill Shaded Relief - it really IS hilly!
This is GIS - People, Data, Analysis, Hardware, and Software

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The Layers button allows you to turn layers on and off in the map. Some extra layers included are Community Development Block Group (CDBG) areas and the Bee Branch Drainage Basin.

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What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System, which is a combination of computer hardware, software and geographic data which is used to perform data capture, analysis, cartographic map display and production, and asset management. The City of Dubuque uses GIS technology in all city departments and divisions.

The 3 Ps - People, Planning, and Partnerships
DID YOU KNOW? The City of Dubuque has over 1,200 GIS data layers in its main database. These are layers that are used by most GIS users every single day.  This number does not include the hundreds of department-specific data layers maintained elsewhere! 
GIS, as it relates to the City of Dubuque, is very complex.  GIS is an office of one person: the GIS Coordinator/Analyst.  GIS in the City organization has evolved significantly since its inception in 1996.  What began as a mapping tool has evolved into a massive data store of geographic information and a library of Dubuque- and geographic-specific data.  This data is used for everything from the creation of a simple road map of the City to a highly complex and complete asset management system for the city’s infrastructure and maintenance activities.

The GIS office manages all functions related to the City’s GIS as shown below:
A graphic of some of the many tasks keeping the GIS Office busy every day