A Biker's Day of Fishing

A Biker's Day of Fishing
Jason Messier - Iowa City, Iowa

Artist's Statement
This work was created to blend the world of art, motorcycles, and fishing. As the giant steel dragonfly lands on the bobber, its weight bends the top, giving the sculpture a sense of movement. The concept is brought about from my automotive background, and the form of the dragonfly comes from a custom designed motorcycle gas tank with the wings reminiscent of hot rod painting.

This piece is for sale and will be on display until June 2011.
Sales price - $8,000. For more information, click here.

Artist's Bio
The work that I create is not to attract the regular viewer into the art world. It’s for the hard working, “grease under my fingernails excites me” mechanics, car collectors, and bikers. I draw my inspirations from past and present technologies and achievements in the automotive industry. My main inspirations are drawn from the work and lives of Indian Larry and Jesse James. Both men have had a lasting effect on the world of custom fabrication and motorcycle design; however they remain true and compassionate to those who they have learned from.
A Biker's Day of Fishing