You're So Vane

2009 Art on the River Sculpture

John Martinson - Galena, Illinois

Artist's Statement: I am always combining objects that aren’t usually associated with each other. I use all recycled, obsolete or found objects for my work. My process is a free-form exercise to construct a three dimensional design with things that already have beauty or were well designed when they were in use. I approached this work much like decorating a Christmas tree. I add objects until it is lively, then come back later, take another look, then add more. I never know when the piece will be finished, but the structure itself tells me. 

Jurist's Comment:
"Having grown up in the mid-west, I despair when I see all the old windmills rusting into oblivion. And yet here is a windmill that captures the history, imagination and whimsy of an agrarian society. Caught up in the tower are the bits and pieces of bygone eras, welded into place by an unknown force (a twister, perhaps?). The addition of radio wave panels tries to salvage the structure's usefulness for the modern age but alas, the resulting weathervane and collected detritus are all that remain to remind us of the past, with a knowing smile on our faces."
You're So Vane