Wedges II

2009 Art on the River Sculpture

Matt Moyer - Columbia, Missouri

Artist's Statement: Wedges II is a formal study exploring the fluid and humorous interaction of two rigid geometric forms in space. These forms, wedges though rigid and geometric in nature, contain glimpses of softness in their unrefined welded edges. Exploring the boundaries that two tethered geometric forms can explore is the driving force behind this work.

Jurists' Comments:
"Wedges II appears to be an abstraction in rusted steel that has a feeling of both an object that has a past and a job to do. The appearance of having two massive ends stuck in or piercing the earth at different angles suggests an informal landing with the linear arch created overhead as a result of freezing time and stopping the arch before it crumbles to the ground. Wedges II has the sense of movement stopped for us to see and stop and wonder about. I enjoy works of art that create questions for us to contemplate."

"The light weight billowing arch connecting the heavy wedges driven into the earth encourage participation in the site. You almost have to walk under and through the arch, exploring both sides of this seemingly random portal configuration. As you look through it, what does it frame? What vistas open up beyond the gateway? The richness of the patina on the metal draws you in for visual inspection and at the same time you are not sure if you should pass through. It is a 'go away, closer' kind of experience."
Wedges II