City Mouse

2009 Art on the River Sculpture
City Mouse

Andrew Arvanetes - North Richland Hills, Texas

Artist's Statement: This sculpture’s absurd composition is derived from recollections of a child’s wind-up toy. This reference, in combination with City Mouse’s other details and massive scale, creates a whimsical reality.

Jurists' Comments:
"The appearance of this large-scale steel wind up machine appears to mimic the tin toys of the 1940s and 1950s in a non-nostalgic way. The large scale seems to give a slight ominous feeling and at the same time also that of humor. The slickness of the finish as well as the clean lines of the overall
City Mouse
design is appreciated as having a visual connection with the work of the great abstract and minimalist sculptors. It has a sense of impending movement. The City Mouse looks like it is about to run around the area at any moment."

"When looking at sculptures that are going in very public venues, I always want to include pieces that I know will delight both the young and old both aesthetically and intellectually. This mechanical mouse will certainly make everyone smile and realize that not all art has to be 'deep' to be good."