2009 Art on the River Sculpture

Jason Messier - Iowa City, Iowa

Artist's Statement: In designing this piece, I thought back to when my grandfather took me fishing. He taught me how to fish, wanting nothing back other than the enjoyment of the time we spent together. He would always tell my sister and I stories about some of the fish he had caught previously. Over many years, those fish seemed to get bigger and bigger. The sculpture Hooked brings together one of the few remaining past times that anyone can enjoy - fishing. The bass jumping out of the ground represents the struggle and the excitement that is felt when your line becomes tight and you know you have hooked the fish. 

Jurists' Comments:
"This abstraction of a leaping fish in steel seems to lend itself to the Riverwalk site. Its crisp edges, clean lines and metallic surface contrast with the organic nature of a fish and thus conveys the influence of the modernism movement of the last 100 years. I think this will be a popular piece among the strollers on the Riverwalk."
"The construction, composition and presentation make this trophy catch a nice addition to this year's collection."