Design Grant

A maximum of $10,000 per building may be awarded by the City to offset the actual pre-development costs incurred by Rehabilitation Loan Program participants.


Grants shall be awarded in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • Recipients must be participating in the City's Downtown Rehabilitation Loan Program; and
  • Reimbursement for architectural and engineering fees, feasibility studies, environmental assessments or other related soft costs, but not including owner/developer fees, incurred in the development of the project must be documented; and
  • Project plans must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission; and
  • A determination must be made by the City that the project is substantially complete and satisfies the conditions set forth in the above described loan program; and
  •  The grant does not exceed the lesser of ten percent (10%) of total project costs or fifty percent (50%) of the loan.
Approval Process
  • Exterior improvements and modifications are subject to design review by the City of Dubuque Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Grants will be approved by the City Council with the Downtown Rehab Loan.