Facade Grant


Hendricks Feed After Renovation


Hendricks Feed After Renovation
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Applications are now accepted online. Click the button above to apply.

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Note: fillable applications should be e-mailed to EconDev@CityofDubuque.org OR mailed to the Economic Development Department at 50 W. 13th Street, Dubuque, IA, 52001.

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Amount of Grant
The Facade Grant is a matching grant not to exceed $10,000 and shall be awarded to qualifying projects based on total project costs.

$8,500 in total project costs would receive $4,250 grant matched by $4,250 in private contribution; $20,000 or greater project would receive the maximum $10,000 grant.


  • All existing code deficiencies -- within the scope of the project -- must be corrected;
  • Project must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances;
  • Project plans must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission;
  • Grant proceeds shall be dispersed on completion of work, documentation of costs and an inspection of the completed project at a rate of $.50 for each $1.00 of costs incurred;
  • Deviation from an approved project plan may disqualify the applicant; and
  •  Applicant will not be reimbursed for personal labor costs or labor costs of family members, nor can these costs be counted in the total project costs.
  • For a complete list of conditions and requirements, please read our grant guidelines.
Approval Process
Exterior improvements and modifications are subject to design review by the City of Dubuque Historic Preservation Commission.

Grants will be approved by the Economic Development Director.