Incentive Programs

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Local Programs

The City of Dubuque’s Economic Development Department has a variety of local incentives to offer businesses. We also advise on combining them with State and Federal programs that can be used in your complete financial package – helping your business make the most of its resources.

Urban Revitalization Program: This program encourages the revitalization of buildings by offering a property tax exemption for new improvements made to qualifying residential, multi-residential, and commercially assessed properties. Learn more and apply.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) rebates:

 An incentive program which captures the increased property taxes a business pays from improving their property and provides a rebate back to the company. Businesses must commit to job creation, workforce housing, or must have an extraordinary positive impact for the community to offer this incentive. This is available in urban renewal districts only.  

Downtown Rehabilitation Grants:

The program provides grant opportunities for rehabilitation projects within the Greater Downtown Urban Renewal District. Available grant programs for specific improvements or work on the rehabilitation projects include the following: Façade Grant, Design Grant, Financial Consultant Grant, and Land Discount.

Downtown Housing Incentive:

An incentive program for the creation of market-rate downtown multi-family residential units within the Greater Downtown Urban Renewal District. Learn more and apply.

State Programs

The State of Iowa has several programs that can assist your business development.

The State Historic Tax Credit program can offset rehabilitation costs of a historic building.

The Iowa Finance Authority can provide low-interest loans.

The High Quality Jobs Program can assist when you're adding jobs.

The Brownfield/Grayfield Tax Credit can offset costs of redeveloping certain properties. 

Federal Programs

Your development project may also qualify for one or more of the following federal programs.
Federal Historic Tax Credits can be used to rehabilitate a historic building.
New Markets Tax Credits can fill a financial gap on projects that have significant community benefit.
Community Development Block Grant funds can be used to meet national objectives such as employment for low-to-moderate income individuals or the removal of slum and blight.