Moderate Rehabilitation Program

The Moderate Rehabilitation Program

The Moderate Rehabilitation program (often referred to as Mod Rehab) provides project-based rental assistance for low income households.  Project based assistance is tied to specific units located within the city.  Assistance is limited to properties previously rehabilitated and currently under contract between the owner of the properties and the City of Dubuque.

No new rehabilitation commitments are authorized at this time.  Eligible applicants may be referred to the owners whenever vacancies occur in their selected units.  Owners select the tenants after screening each applicant.  The tenant's share of rent will be 30% of the household's adjusted income.  Click here to apply for the Moderate Rehabilitation Program.

Whenever there is an opening, the units are listed on the units listing.  The Moderate Rehabilitation program is often a way to start receiving assistance in a more streamlined and quicker manner.