Program Process

What is the Lead Hazard Control Program?
The City of Dubuque has been awarded federal funding to reduce and/or eliminating lead-based paint hazards in approximately 129 units within the city limits of Dubuque.

How Does the Lead Program Work?
After completing and submitting an application your household income will be verified to ensure income requirements are met. After this is verified you will be placed on a list to receive a lead hazard investigation. The investigations will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis once all information is obtained and verified.

Once a lead hazard investigation and risk assessment is completed a copy will be supplied to the property owner. At this time it will be the property owner’s choice to select a specific lead certified contractor to bid their job. Otherwise, a general pool of lead certified contractors is readily available to bid the City lead jobs. The property owner has the final say in selection of the contractor and acceptance of the bid proposal.

The grant funding is in the form of a three year forgivable loan. There are documents that will be prepared and a loan closing will be conducted between the property owner and selected contractor. A start date will be determined and a seven day notice sent to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

What Can I Expect While The Work Is Being Completed?
The property will be vacated during the period of lead hazard activities. Only state certified lead abatement contractors will be allowed on the job site while the work is being completed. Occupants of the property / unit being abated will be relocated to a hotel or a lead-safe City leased apartment.  A refundable relocation deposit is required.  Pets are not allowed in City leased units so other temporary placement for pets must be found.  At completion of the work the property will be thoroughly tested to make sure all lead hazards are removed. Once this clearance testing is complete the occupants will be allowed to move back into their homes. Construction to clearance testing on average takes two weeks.

Project Completion
For three years after completion of the lead hazard work, income verifications will be completed. Homeowners and tenants must continue to meet the requirements of the program during this three year period. Once the requirements are met for three years the process is complete and the property is released from the program. If the requirements have not been met during the three year period the property owner will be required to pay back the loan.