Certified Lead Training


All lead hazard reduction activities must be performed by certified workers including removal of paint, to the base materials (substrate). Removal may be done only by:
  • Chemical stripping
  • Wet scraping (misted scraping)
  • Wet sanding
  • Scraping with heat gun (with temp below 1100 degrees F.)
  • Sanding or hydro blasting when used with HEPA vacuum exhaust

Alternatives To Removing Paint

Please Note: All paint must be removed only on chewable, impact, or friction surfaces. This generally means only 1" to 4" strips of paint must be removed. Alternatives to removing paint could include:
  • Enclosure, with materials such as paneling or drywall
  • Removal of the woodwork


The Lead Hazard Reduction Program provides training to professionals and non-professionals to obtain state certification in the following courses:
  • Certified Lead Contractor
  • Certified Lead Worker
  • Sampling Technician / Visual Risk Assessor
  • Inspector II / Risk Assessor
  • Lead Safe Renovator
  • Refresher Courses
Anyone interested in obtaining training in lead hazard activities, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health for the schedule of courses and providers offering courses.