Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The Dubuque Police Department's DARE program was implemented in 1989 as part of the Department's focus on crime prevention and better serving the city through Community Oriented Policing. Dubuque's DARE Unit currently has one full-time instructor and three officers who teach part-time. All are dedicated to providing substance abuse, gang, and violence prevention programming to students in the Dubuque area schools.

The DARE officers work closely with the School Resource Officers in providing school based prevention and education as well as crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and enforcement activities. The Dubuque Police Department's DARE Program is offered primarily to 6th grade students, though the DARE Officers also provide education, intervention, and prevention services to meet a wide variety of community needs.

Community Prevention Education

The Dubuque Police Department DARE Officers provide area colleges, businesses, and other community organizations with specific prevention education presentations to keep community members informed on area substance abuse concerns, pro-active parenting strategies, and other topics as requested.

Fullmer with DARE
Contact Information:

Officer Rick Fullmer, D.A.R.E. Coordinator