Development Services

The City of Dubuque has development regulations to promote a sound, safe, healthy, and desirable community; to encourage good development and support the conscientious developer; and to protect existing property values and uses while providing for future generations.

The Planning Services Department provides professional development planning services to the City Council and Zoning Advisory Commission for: 
  The Planning Services Department also provides professional development planning services to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for: 
The Planning Services Department facilitates review and approval of site plans for projects that range from multi-family, office, commercial, institutional, and industrial developments while meeting community goals through an open, transparent process.
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Planning Services facilitates weekly meetings of the interdepartmental Development Review Team. Development approval can take as little as 7 days with this Team meeting with owners, developers, engineers, architects, and design professionals to review proposals in the context of all relevant City Codes. 

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