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How do I ride the bus?

Riding the Jule is easy! Be sure to know the Passenger Code of Conduct and follow these steps:
1. Show up early. You may want to arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes early. Our drivers do their best to run on time but scheduled pickups don't always arrive at the exact time.
2. Wave to let the driver know you are waiting and they are aware they should pull over.
3. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before you approach to board.
4. Have exact fares ready. Drivers do not carry change so exact fare is required. Click here to learn more about fare and pass options available.
5. Tell the driver your destination and let him/her know if you need a transfer to another bus. If you are unsure, ask your driver for assistance.
6. When approaching your stop, pull the yellow cord half a block before your desired destination. This notifies the driver that you want to exit at the next stop.
7. Wait behind the yellow line until the bus comes to a complete stop.
8. Never cross the street in front of the bus. Wait until the bus has pulled away to cross.

How do I read the bus schedule?
Each route schedule lists the stop time for several stops along the route and these are also shown on the accompanying route map. Read the schedule from left to right. You should always arrive at your bus stop before the time listed on the schedule in case the driver is running a few minutes early.
How to Ride The Bus
1. The title lists the route name, route number, and direction of travel. (El titulo muestra el nombre y el número de la ruta y la dirección de la ruta)

2. Sometimes the first trip of the day is different due to the bus serving in another area during that time. In the chart above, the pickup times highlighted in green are the first trips on weekdays and time highlighted in orange is the first trip on weekends. The times in white are the regular schedule which applies to both weekdays and weekends. So, for this route, the Pink 1 starts operating at 6:15 a.m. on weekdays and starts at 8:15 a.m. on weekends. One quick tip is to use only the green + white times on weekdays and only the orange + white times on weekends. (Para algunas rutas, el horario es diferente para los días de semana y el fin de semana. Las horas que son resaltadas en verde son los viajes primeros del bus en los días de semana y las en anaranjado es el viaje primero del bus en el fin de semana. Las horas que son blancas son el horario normal que se aplican a toda la semana. Por ejemplo, en esta ruta, el Pink 1 comienza a 6:15 a.m. durante los días de semana y comienza a 8:15 a.m. durante el fin de semana)

3. The stop names listed correspond with the location the bus will stop. The stops listed are not the only stops on the route, it is not a comprehensive list and there are often stops between the ones shown on the route schedule.(Los nombres de las paradas se corresponden con las horas que son enumeradas en el horario. No son las únicas paradas de la ruta. Leer el horario de izquierda a derecha)
4. The times listed for each stop are the times the bus will make pickups at that stop. Arrive at the bus stop before the listed time. (Las horas que son enumeradas para cada parada son las horas que el autobús hará las recogidas a esa parada. Llegar a la parada antes la hora que es mostrada)

How can I advertise with The Jule?
The Jule offers both interior and exterior advertising so your business is sure to find exactly what you need when advertising with The Jule. Click here for more information about advertising with The Jule or call 563-589-4228.

The bus drove by me without stopping!
Missing your bus can be frustrating and The Jule wants to provide you with the best transit experience possible. If a bus didn't stop for you, it is likely the bus driver didn't see you or is not responsible for that stop.
  • When you see your bus approaching, hold on to the bus stop pole and wave your hand to attract the drivers attention.
  • Remember, the Express bus and Minibus paratransit buses cannot stop for fixed-route passengers. Be sure the big green bus you saw drive by was the route you wanted to catch and not another bus.
  • It is possible a new or temporary bus driver may have accidentally missed your stop. If you believe the bus driver missed you, please call us at 563-589-4196 so we can prevent this from happening again.
Do I qualify for half fare prices?
Passengers who are eligible for half fare prices receive bus fares and passes at a discounted price. Half-fare prices are provided to residents aged 65 or older showing a valid photo ID or disabled residents who meet eligibility requirements. 

What are my transportation options for traveling outside Dubuque?
The Jule fixed route and paratransit services operate within the city limits of Dubuque. If you are interested in traveling outside of Dubuque the following options are available:

I want to give a compliment or file a complaint.

The Jule values customer feedback. Jule bus operators, dispatch staff, and management are committed to providing safe, convenient, accessible, professional transportation services to residents and visitors in the City of Dubuque. All complaints against the Jule staff members are investigated using on-board/on-site security cameras and GPS software. Bus operators are also trained to provide high levels of customer service while driving in a variety of road conditions to help them perform their duties in a safe and professional manner. If you have had a positive or negative experience with a Jule staff member, please let us know:

I have a suggestion for a bus stop location.
If you have a suggestion for a new bus stop location along an existing service route, please submit the exact location to us for review. Public transit is subject to a number of federal and state regulations; many of which influence the location and positioning of bus stops. However, when possible, stop requests are accommodated. Click here to submit a bus stop suggestion. 

Can I bring my bike on the bus?
Hop on the bus and finish your trip on your bike! All of the fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the buses. Click here to learn to Rack & Ride.