Leaf Skeleton

Tim Hawley

- Rockford, Illinois

Artist's statement

I am an artist that has explored nearly every medium. I am able to cut almost any material.  I own two water jet machines which I use to create my art. I also use a high tech Wacom drawing monitor that I use to freehand with. I have two aluminum leaf sculptures that displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum. With this Leaf Skeleton I am attempting to take it to the next level by making it larger and thicker. Additionally, I torched the leaves to make the sculpture feel as if they are moving in the wind.

Artist's Bio

Timothy J. Hawley is a high-end metal designer. Leading-edge design and a passion to create timeless pieces are very important to the philosophy of his work. One thing that makes this work so unique is Hawley’s ability to turn a customer’s vision into beautiful pieces of art.

Leaf Skeleton
A graduate of the University of South Florida in Fine Arts, Hawley has a strong background in the arts and has mastered many art forms, including ceramics, mold making, decorative painting, murals, printmaking, graphic design and sculpture. He has the ability to transform hand drawn art or photographs into CNC cut metal panels and artwork. This is what makes his pieces natural and organic but strong and contemporary at the same time. Tim has worked on many projects including rooftops in Chicago, top-notch 5-star restaurants or one-of-a-kind works of art, Timothy J. Hawley can accomplish any size task. His work has been featured in the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in the Calatrava Milwaukee Art Museum.

Sales Information

Price - $30,000
Material and construction - The material is 1/4 in aluminum welded to create three sides with a clear powder coat paint over it baked at 400 degrees.The nice thing about aluminum is it doesn't rust like steel.
Dimensions - 4.5ft (W) x 10ft (H) x 2.75 (D)