Points of Light

Ashley Kyber

- Morgantown, West Virginia

Artist's Statement

Points of Light is a rain catchment sculpture that drops water into a rain garden. I am a site-specific installation sculptor who works to create community-based environmental sculptures by using the combined principles of permaculture and landscape architecture. And Points of Light can be placed in a depression, low-point or on a slope. My sculptural work ranges from ephemeral site-specific sculpture to rain-catchment earthworks that address site and regional hydrology. As a landscape architect, I work to design site-specific sculptures that address wider socio-political and environmental aspects of land development.

Artist Bio

Ashley received her MFA in Ceramics under Tony Hepburn at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1999.  The same year,  she was a World Studio Foundation Scholar and was exhibited at  The 3,000 Chairs Exhibition.
Points of Light
In 2000 she was hired by Iowa State University as an Assistant professor and was tenured in 2007.  In 2005 she won a St. Louis Arts in Transit Commission and in 2006 she was the featured artist in The Tulsa Living Arts Exhibition winning the Andy Warhol Award. She was hired to lead the West Virginia University Community Design Team in 2007
and has been facilitating public art in communities in West Virginia and creating design-build works with her landscape architecture students ever since. She has had several commissions with Park Pride Atlanta where she worked with residents to create park artworks including a work for the 2012 Art on the Beltline. In 2015 she was commissioned to create a landscape design for The West Virginia University Sculpture Park that includes a signage/lighting pubic artwork.

Sales information

Price - $12,000
Material and Construction - Petal forms are footed with a 36" concrete post hole footing similar to that of a residential deck post footing. No maintenance  is required once installed.
Dimensions - 8ft (W) x 12ft (H) x 2-3ft (D)
Weight - 120 lbs