Conventional Apparatus

J. Karl Lipscomb

- Joplin, Missouri

*Winner of Best in Show 2017*

Artist's Statement

Conventional Apparatus
developed from an exploration into the possibilities of illustrating aggression non-verbally and without the hackneyed, trite, or traditional iconic references to specific objects such as guns, knives, and military weapons. I wanted to create a piece that said “I am here, I am in charge, and I am a powerful being.” Yet, it was also important to present it as an archaic concept although it maintains seductive qualities. This piece is shaped, formed, and smoothed so the major intersections are molded and blended into almost human forms. The qualities of the surface should be touch and the viewer should not only observe Conventional Apparatus at a distance but also approach the sculpture to inspect closely, touch the wood, discover its nuances, and enjoy the tactile smorgasbord.

Conven Appar

Artist's Bio

J.Karl Lipscomb is a self-employed artist who has been exhibiting outdoor sculpture for over 40 years.His experience ranges from acting to commercial art, construction to swimming pool design, sales in addition to publishing, pottery, animation, art instruction and performance improvisation. He has attended universities in MO, KS, & FL.  and studied internationally at Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He has earned degrees from Drury U., Spfld., MO (B.A. 1977) and from PSU, Pittsburg, KS (M.A. 2000). Some of his notable outdoor sculpture exhibits include: Lawrence 23rd Annual Downtown Sculpture Ex., Lawrence, KS, 2011; River Walk Annual Competition and Ex., North Charleston, SC 2011; Art on the Streets, Colorado Springs, CO outdoor sculpture competition & exhibit 2009; Lawrence 21st Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Ex., Lawrence, KS. At present, he is producing a large-scale sculpture commissioned for the city of Joplin, MO.  to be placed in new memorial park at site where Mercy Hospital was destroyed by 2011 tornado.

Sales information

Price - $4,500
Material and Construction - 1" x 4" white oak boards were laminated into 2"x4"s. All of these have interior screws that are hidden by wood plugs. The wood has been laminated, shaped, and sanded. There is also a small amount of rusted or patina-ed hardware and brass inlay added as accents. All exposed surfaces are intended to be "weathered". The wood used in construction is intended to age to a nice soft grey, and the only scheduled maintenance (fresh spraying of deck oil) is at 12-18 months.
Dimensions - 9ft (W) x 4ft (H) x 5ft (D)
Weight - 100 lbs